Bulk Tea Exporting Services

Trust Tea Traders East Africa LTD is one of the best tea exporters companies in Kenya who will handle your factory warehousing, freight cargo logistics operations and clearing and forwarding services with utmost care and diligence.

Our detailed knowledge of local government regulations and practices, allows us to minimize costs on your behalf. We are committed to give you high quality shipping and transportation services, and we can arrange for your cargo insurance assistance or freight shipping consultation if need be.

The wealth of experience we have in cargo discharge operations at Kenya Ports Authority in Mombasa, will prove to be an absolute asset to you as we work together to achieve your goals. Our company personnel know and understand the local market rules and regulations very well, and is established as a leader in East Africa.

Tea Buying Auction

The Mombasa Tea Auction is held every week and we taste and select the highest grade of tea for our customers and stake holders alike.

Tea Tasting and Sampling

We provide pre-shipment samples from a variety of selection that is compatible to your target market. Our team of tea tasting experts have years of experience, and adhere to strict hygienic standards.

Other services include:

  • Warehousing
  • Clearing and Forwarding
  • Ships Agents
  • Transport
  • Air Freight Cargo Services
  • Project Cargo Handling Services
  • Commission Agents

Kenya Tea Blending

We deal in both blended and straight-line teas for export and are one of the top buyers in the Mombasa tea auction. We taste all pre-auction samples weeks prior to the auction as a quality control measure. Our passion for excellence in regards to customer satisfaction, and high product quality assurance is unmatched.

Tea Value addition

Flavoured teas like masala tea, cardamom tea, clove tea, rose tea, jasmine tea, pomegranate tea, vanilla tea and black currant tea has become most loved by affluent communities around the world which gives you an opportunity to add value to your company profit margins.

Herbal Tea
Our overseas tea lovers and customers appreciate the variety of herbal teas Kenya has to offer like chamomile tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, lemon tea, sage tea and hibiscus tea.

Kenya Tea Packaging Services

We work with packaging and branding companies like Kenya Tea Packers and Kenya Website Designers who bring our product ideas to life with exceptional designs and marketing strategies that help us stay ahead of our competitors.

Tea Factory Warehousing

For over ten years we have build a vast tea business partnership network that you can take advantage of. Working with us will get you special discount prices, access to warehouses, and members only tea tasting events invitation. Call us on 0721 522 124 or connect with us on WhatsApp.